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Conditions of Use


For all orders, the following general terms and conditions and terms of delivery shall expressly apply:

§ 1 Deliverables and performances
All deliverables and performances due to online orders over the Internet are subject to these general terms and conditions. Any differing and / or complementary agreements shall require the express consent of Jürgen Schaetzke EDV Beratung & Programmierung (hereinafter referred to as seller) and shall require written form. A valid sales contract will be concluded when the customer's order is received and accepted by us (i. e. by telephone, e-mail or through conclusive acting). When ordering software downloads, the download link will be immediately available to you when opting for PayPal payments. When paying in advance, the download will be activated upon receipt of  payment only.

§ 2 Online orders
The seller will process and dispatch any incoming online orders immediately. The dates of delivery are non-binding, unless they have been agreed in writing.
§ 3 Transport
The customer shall assert any complaints due to damages in transit immediately to the carrier within the terms scheduled and notify the seller also.
§ 4. Billing and payments
Any invoices are due immediately and strictly payable net cash, unless other payment arrangements have been agreed. Any outstanding invoices are due for payment within 14 days. From the 30th day of the date of invoice, the seller shall be entitled to request default interest of 3% above the respective discount rate of the German Central Bank. Setting-off is admissible only with respect to any indisputable or claims determined as legally binding. The customer shall be entitled to assert his right of retention only if its based upon the same contractual relationship. Issuing zero-VAT-rated invoices is possible in case of delivery into other European countries only when communicating a valid VAT number.
§ 5 Complaints
Any complaints due to the scope of delivery, material damage, wrong delivery and quantity variances shall be asserted in writing immediately, however not later than within one week upon receipt of the goods. In case of legitimate complaints, the seller shall provide an additional delivery, and for the rest, subject to exclusion, exchange or take back the goods or give the customer a discount, as seen fit. In case the second replacement delivery should also be defective when exchanging the goods, the buyer shall have the right of conversion or price reduction.
§ 6. Object of purchase and ownership structure
The object of purchase shall remain the seller's property subject to payment in full. The retention of title shall also remain in place for any claims against the buyer in conjunction with the object of purchase, i.e. due to any repairs and other services acquired subsequently. During the time of retention of title, the buyer shall be entitled to ownership and contractual use of the object of purchase as long as he fulfils his obligations from the retention of title and his duties from the business relationship in due time. The customer shall be obliged to provide the carrier with any information required agreed within the scope of asserting his legal rights.
§ 7 Non-acceptance of the goods
Any goods ordered and not received or any direct debits not collected shall entitle the seller to terminate the contract and to demand compensation of 20 % of the net order value as well as handling charges of 12.78 EUROS plus VAT. A claim for damages shall take effect also in case the purchaser does not withdraw from the sales contract in writing within the legal period of cancellation. A sales contract shall be concluded when sending the online order. The purchaser shall accept the general terms and conditions and commercial contract conditions when sending his order.
§ 8 Electronic data storage / Data privacy
Privacy policy
The protection of your privacy and personal data when using my websites is important to us. For this reason, we strictly abide by the regulations stipulated in the Data Protection Acts. Any personal data will be collected by us only to the extent technically required.
The following explanations are supposed to inform you about the way we ensure this protection and what data shall be collected for what purpose.
No transfer of personal data
We will not forward your personal data including your postal address and e-mail address to third parties. Excepted from this shall  be our service partners required for processing your order only. This includes the savings bank Sparkasse Worms-Alzey-Ried or the German Credit Control Schufa. In these cases, we shall forward the data according to the requirements of the  Federal Data Protection Act. The extent of the data forwarded shall be restricted to a minimum.
Disclosure, correction, blocking and deletion of data
Within the scope of the Federal Data Protection Act, you shall at anytime have the right of access, correction, blocking or deletion as regards to your saved data. If any legal, contractual retention periods or reasons should be opposed to data deletion, your data will be blocked instead. At your option, you may contact us by e-mail or by telephone at 06206 / 157630.
External links and third-party content
The content of this domain has been created with greatest care. Notwithstanding, we shall not accept any guarantee as regards up-to-dateness and completeness. We shall be liable only for our own content, however not for any third-party content. For more information, you may find links on our websites referring to third-party websites. We have verified all external links for illegal content, and at the respective time, none of that could not be identified. As regards any third-party content, there is no general obligation for monitoring and verification. In case we should become aware of any illegal content, we shall verify and remove these immediately, if required. External links always open in a new browser window and can be clearly identified by the following features: (external link), http:// or https://.
Anonymous data processing
We shall collect and save in the log files of our web server only those information communicated by your browser to us. These are the operating system, browser type/version, name of your Internet Service Provider, the time of server query, the website you are visiting us from (referrer URL) and any websites you visit with us.
These data cannot be assigned to any specific persons, i.e. you shall remain anonymous as single user. There will be no fusion of these data with other data sources. After evaluating these data statistically, all data will be deleted.
Our Online Shop uses so-called cookies for the content of your shopping cart. These are used for increasing the user-friendliness, efficiency and safety of our offer. Cookies are small text files filed by your Internet browser and saved on your computer. Most of our cookies are so-called "session cookies". These will be automatically deleted after your visit ends. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain any viruses either.
If you would like to order our newsletter, we will need your valid e-mail address. After registration, you will receive an e-mail by our system containing an activation link to conform your registration. This helps us ensuring that you really are the holder of the stated e-mail address and that you agree to receiving our newsletter. Your consent to saving the e-mail address and its use for sending the newsletter can by withdrawn anytime.
More information
Your confidence is important to us. This is why you are welcome anytime to contact us for any questions relating to processing your personal data. Should you have any questions which remained unanswered in this privacy policy or if you would like to obtain more detailed information about certain aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

§ 9 Final provisions
Should any elements of these general terms and conditions become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. Any invalid provision shall be replaced by a new provision approximating the economic effect of the invalid provisions as much as possible.

All selling prices are stated in EUROS inclusive of VAT. Subject to any kind of error in the product descriptions and prices.

For software and Icon Collections, the licence conditions of the object of purchase shall apply with prior ranking and shall be observed. The contracting partner shall be liable for any violations of the licence conditions. This also applies to any infringements by persons he should grant access to.

Consumer notices pursuant to the direct selling directives

When ordering goods by e-mail / telephone / fax or by mail not related to your commercial or freelance activity, please observe the following notes legally required.
1. Our general terms and conditions and terms of delivery shall apply for any shipment within Germany.
2. The product prices stated always include the respectively valid VAT.
3. You have the option to pay your ordered goods in advance. When paying in advance, your download articles will be activated upon receipt of payment only. When paying via PayPal, your download articles will be activated immediately.
4. The shipping indications and costs stated shall categorically always.
5. The sales contract shall become effective when sending your order and receiving the goods. Our general terms and conditions and terms of delivery and consumer indications must be accepted before completing the order transaction. Otherwise, your order cannot be processed.
6. As a consumer, you have the option to return any goods ordered within 14 days without stating the reason for this. The term shall begin at earliest when receiving the goods and these instructions. In order to comply with the deadline, it is sufficient to send the goods in due time.
7. In case the goods cannot be sent as a parcel, you may also request the goods to be taken back within the aforementioned period. The request for taking back the goods shall be made in writing specifying the goods ordered and invoice number and address.
8. The return resp. taking back shall be made at seller's cost and risk.
9. Should the goods have deteriorated within the 14-day deadline for returning goods or in case these can no longer be issued, you shall be obliged to replace the goods value, provided that you are responsible for the deterioration. As regards surrendering the utilisation or use of the goods by you and for any other services up to the time of exercising your right of return, the value shall be made up for.
10. When returning the goods, please do so with sufficient postage. Please state the invoice number and your address when returning the goods.
11. Please note that unsealed software is excluded from the aforementioned right of return. In addition, there is no right of return for software downloads, since the download is not suitable for return due to its nature.


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