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Vector House
Vector House
Modelno.: 1015
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4083 Icons for House automation

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Colibrico Design Studio offers many options for designing home automation icons. The design tool contains a lot of graphics for the house automation in several styles.

Please try out Colibrico Design Studio for 30 days without obligation. No setup is required!
The program uses English names for the house automation graphics.

Tip: With XAML Icon Studio you create individual icons in XAML format. XAML Icon Studio also contains the icons of the icon sets Vector House. You can test the trial version for free.

Product description of Vector House:
Available file formats are AI, SVG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD and ICO.
Tip: The product Icons Bundle additionally contains the file format XAML.

Total view with basic icons and overlayed icons:
Download examples:
Read Licence agreement: Licence agreement

The file formats BMP, GIF and PNG are provided in 7 sizes:

Examples of Vector_House:

File formats: ICO, AI, SVG, PSD, PNG (32 Bit), BMP (24 Bit), GIF (8 Bit)
Total number of files: 97992
Total number of Windows 7 / Vista / XP Icons: 4083
Sizes for BMP, GIF and PNG: 256*256, 128*128, 64*64, 48*48, 32*32, 24*24, 16*16 Pixel
Size for PSD: 256*256 Pixel

Icon Motives:

Sewage, alarm, study, bureau, duties, baby phone, bathroom, balcony, barometre, architect's plan, ventilation, broom, movement dispatch rider, blue light, boiler, mailbox, briquet, coach port, code castle, screen, skylight, dimmer, egg coal, energy efficiency, energy savings lamp, natural gas, geothermal energy, dining room, window, television, district heating, fire extinguisher, fire alarm, finger scanner, hall, liquid gas, radio thermometer, garage, garage drive, cloakroom, garden, gas, gas metre, guests toilet, deep freeze, yellow bag, dishwasher, bell, light bulb, craftsman, mobile phone, house, janitor, heating, cooker, amateur space, wooden pile, speech arrangement IP, Venetian blind counter, camera, chimney stove, cellar, children's room, air-conditioning, bell, bell arrangement, kitchen, fridge, lamellae, lantern, loudspeaker, LED, light switch, fan, manometre, awning, measuring tool, measuring tube, tenant's account, garbage container(blue, brown, yellow, grey, green, red), upper light, panic button, party room, Pellets, plant, pool, pump, radiator, radio, lawn, lawn sprinkler, smoke dispatch rider, control valve, control distributor, renovating, tube collector, shutter, rolling gate, bedroom, lock, key, chimney sweep, sensor broken glass, scale, Smartphone, solar arrangement, solar regulator, speech arrangement, status, outlet, parking lot, stereo, stream, electric cable, stream counter, tank, pond, phone, temperature, patio, patio door, text SIP, text VOIP, thermometer, thermostat, timer, table lamp, stair, dry, key choice block, TV, door, door lock, clock, ultrasound gas metre, circulating pump, ventilating fan, stock space, servicing, washing machine, tap, drop of water, water metre, alarm clock, weather, whirlpool, warm pump, sitting room, time interval, time switch clock, brick, tank, oil, oil barrel

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