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Shapes Medical library
Shapes Medical library
Modelno.: 1108
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The Adobe Illustrator™ symbol library contains 153 Medical symbols. To use this library, you need Adobe Illustrator™ CS6 or higher
We have created a sample library with some symbols from various Illustrator libraries. This allows you to check the usability and quality of the libraries.

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Aids, Airways, Allergy test, Ambulance, Ampoule, Anatomy, Antideppresiva, Baby bottle, Baby, Bacteria, Bedpan, Bell push, Biohazard, Blood plasma, Blood pressure, Bowl, Boy, Brain, Caduceus, Cardiogram, Cardiology, Centrifuge, Chief, Consultation, Creme, CT scan, Culture dish, Cuspidor, Death, Deceased, Dental bur, Dental implant, Dermatology, Desinfection, Destilled water, Diagnostic, Dialysis machine, DNA, Doctor, Drop, Drugstore, Ear, ECG, Emergency, Eye, Eyeglasses, Eyeseight test, False teeth, Female, Filter, First aid, Foot, Fracture, Girl, Glass vial, Gynecology, Hand, Healthcare, Hearing aid, Heart, Helicopter, Hermatology, Hospital bed, Hospital, Inhaler, Injection, Insurance card, Kidney, Kids, Laboratory bottle, Laboratory, Liver, Lung, Male, Medical book, Medicamentation, Microscope, Molecule, Mosquito, Mouth, Mouthwash, MRT, Muscles, Natural drugs, Neurology, No smoking, Nuke, Nurse, Operating room, Operation, Organ donation, Oxygen, Parasitic, Patient Info, Patient, Patients, Pedometer, Pill, Pipette, Plaster, Poison, Pregnant, Prescription, Psychiatry, Registration, Respirator, Retort, Scales, Scalpel, Scanner, Scissors, Sicknote, Skull, Soap dispenser, Soother, Sperm, Spirit stove, Stethoscope, Stomach, Surgeon, Tablet, Test tube, Thermometer, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Tick, Tooth bad, Tooth scan, Tooth, Toothbrush, Treatment, Ultrasonic, Virus, Waiting room, Walking stick, Wheelchair, X Ray, Yin Yan

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