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Vector Shapes Office
Vector Shapes Office
Modelno.: 1092
19,00 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)

1033 Office icons

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Tip: The software XAML Icon Studio offers many options to create symbols in different colors. The creation of individual button sets and Windows 8 symbols is also supported. The software also includes the basic shapes of Vector Shapes Office. You can test the trial version for free. 

Product description of Vector Shapes Office:

Available file formats are AI, SVG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD and ICO.
Icons Bundle additionally contains the file format XAML.

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The file formats BMP, GIF and PNG are provided  in 7 sizes:

All shapes of Vector_Shapes_Office:

File formats: ICO, AI, SVG, PSD, PNG (32 Bit), BMP (24 Bit), GIF (8 Bit)
Total number of files: 25825 
Total number of Windows 7 / Vista / XP Icons: 1033
Sizes for BMP, GIF and PNG: 256*256, 128*128, 64*64, 48*48, 32*32, 24*24, 16*16 Pixel
Size for PSD: 256*256 Pixel

Icon Motives:

Accounting number, Action redo, Action undo, Add, Address book, Align bottom, Align grid, Align horizontal, Align left, Align right, Align shape, Align top, Align vertical, Arrange horizontal, Arrange vertical, Arrow down, Arrow first, Arrow left, Arrow, next, Arrow previous, Arrow refresh, Arrow right, Arrow up, Bookmark, Border all, Border bottom, Border diagonal, Border inside, Border left, Border outside, Border top, Brightness, Calculator, Calendar day, Calendar week, Calendar workweek, Calendar month. Cancel, Cells connect, Certificate, Chart, Citation, Cliparts, Clipboard copy, Clipboard cut, Clipboard paste, Cloud download, Cloud upload, Colors, Column break, Column left, Columns, Coments, Contacts, Contrast, Cross reference, Database user, Database, Date, Day planner, Decimal place, Design effects, Design fonts, Design, Detailed view, Dictionary, Document SQL, Document Web, Document HTML, Document text, Documents, Down, Ending of footnote, Equation, Export document, Eye, Fax, Field, Fill area, Filter, Folder, Font bold, Font case, Font color, Font double, Font highlight, Font italic, Font size grow, Font size shrink, Font strikethrough, Font superscript, Font underline, Footer header, Footnote, Format copy, Formatting delete, Formula evaluation, Frame, Function, Go back, Go to, Grid, Group field, Group, Header, Hight, Home, Hyperlink, Hyphenation, Import document, Import text, Indent decrease, Indent increase, Index append, Information, Initials margin, Insert text, Inspect document, Internet, Journal, Labels, Language, Library, Line distance, Line numbers, Link, List, List multilevel, Logic, Mail address, Mail folder, Mail greeting, Mail message, Mail recipient, Mail send, Mail receive, Mail attach, Mails, Makros execute, Margins, Markups, Merge fields, Monitoring, Names, Objects, Office toolbar icons, Ok, Open document, Options, Organize, Organizer, Orientation landscape, Orientation Portrait, Page, Page border, Page break, Page color, Page design, Page properties, Page size, Pages, Paragraph marker, Percanatge, Phone, Picture, Picture color, Picture compress, Picture crop, Picture effects, Picture flip, Picture height, Picture width, Picture postion, Picture rotate, Picture scale, Pivot chart, Pivot table, Placeholder, Position back, Position front, Printer, Question, Quick parts, Quickinfo translation, Quotation, Recipients list, References manage, Remove, Replace, Resources, Review track changes, Ruler, Save as, Save to cloud, Search, Selection all, Selection, Shadow bottom, Shadow effects, Shapes, Signature, Smartart cycle, Smartart hierarchy, Smartart list, Smartart matrix, Smartart process, Smartart relation, Sort ascending, Sort descending, Spelling, Stroke width, Strokes, Styles, Stylesheets, Sum, Symbol, Table, Table cells, Table column, table row, Table design, Table formula, Table sort, Task request, Text align center, Text align down, Text align justified, Text align middle, Text align up, Text orientation, Text wrapping, Textbox, Themes, Thesaurus, Thausend separator, Time, Trace successor, Trace predecessor, Translate, Trash, Treview, Treeview entry, Up, View 100 percent, View compare, View full screen, View page, View page width, View scrolling, View weblayout, Warnings, Watermark, Width, Window, Window selecion, Windows execute, Wordart, Word counter, Worksheet, Write, Zoom out, Zoom in

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