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XAML Icon Studio
XAML Icon Studio
Modelno.: 1095
119,00 EUR
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XAML Icon Studio

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XAML Icon Studio contains more than 16000 base graphics. In combination with overlays and buttons hundreds of thousands of individual graphs can be generated.
The icon sets are available in graphic styles Glossy, Flat, Shapes, Silver, Stroke and Classic.
In addition, you can create customized Windows 8 icons and button sets.

XAML Icon Studio offers many advantages compared to conventional icon libraries. You have the flexibility to react to current and future system requirements of graphics sizes and DPI resolutions.

Download: Trial Version

Customized Button Sets and Windows 8 © Icons
With background tiles and more than 3000 symbols from many themes Windows 8 © symbols can be created. With button templates in different styles, colors and shapes and the shapes in a freely selectable color custom button sets can be created in a few steps.

Any graphics resolution (DPI)
The system requirements for icons are manifold today. High-resolution monitors, smartphones and WPF applications require new icon sizes and different DPI resolutions. XAML Icon Studio allows the creation of high-resolution graphics.

Graphics of any size for DPI aware applications
All graphics are freely scalable without loss of quality. For the scaling vector paths and no pixels are used.
To create a DPI secure application, you need graphics in several sizes. The required sizes derivatives can be created using XAML Icon Studio.

Clear presentation and a search function
XAML Icon Studio contains the design styles Glossy, Flat, Shape, Silver, Stroke and Classic.
You get a structured overview of the Icon Sets of a selected graphic style.

Free combination and positioning
Size and positioning of base graphics and overlay templates can be adjusted with a few steps. The settings remain persistent. A configuration must therefore be made in the rule only once.

Space-saving providing
The Icon Library is only 150 MB in size.

Filter functions
With the graphics filters such as HSL, color shift, shade, Invert, Contrast and brightness, the graphics can be customized to your liking.

Various file formats
For the different target systems, the file formats XAML WPF, XAML Silverlight, ICO, PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF are available.

On you can learn more about XAML Icon Studio.

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