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Vector Financial
Vector Financial
Modelno.: 1000
39,00 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)

2039 accounting icons

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Available file formats are AI, SVG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD and ICO.
Icons Bundle additionally contains the file format XAML.

Total view with basic icons and overlayed icons:
Download examples:
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The file formats BMP, GIF and PNG are provided in 7 sizes:

Examples of Vector_Financial:

File formats: ICO, AI, SVG, PSD, PNG (32 Bit), BMP (24 Bit), GIF (8 Bit)
Total number of files: 50975
Total number of Windows 7 / Vista / XP Icons: 2039
Sizes for BMP, GIF and PNG: 256*256, 128*128, 64*64, 48*48, 32*32, 24*24, 16*16 Pixel
Size for PSD: 256*256 Pixel

Icon Motive:

Abacus, Account, Account number, Auction, Balance, Bank statement, Bank vault, Bank, barcode, basket, basket filled, Briefcase, Cabinet, Calculator, Calendar, Card reader, Cash machine, Cash register, Cashbook, Chart, Cheque, Coins, Company, Contract, Credit cards, Credit note, Creditor, Cup, Debit note, Debit, Debitor, Delivery note, Diagram, Dollar, Euro, Exchange rate, Factory, Gold bar, Handsake, Inventory, Invoice, Legal, Loan, Lottery, Magic, Map, Money, Moneybag, Order, Organigram, Payment, Percent, Personal data, Piggy bank, Proclamatiion, Product, Project managament, Puncher, Purse, Quittance, Reclamatiion, Receipt, Reminder, Remittance, Report, Return, Ring binder, Sales forecast, Security, Share, Shopping bag, Spreadsheet, Stamp, Statistic, Steering, Stopwatch, Tax form, Trash, Treasure

Keywords: Accounting, Accountancy

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